Online Tea Stores – Get the Tea You Love Delivered to Your Place

How would you feel if you get your cup of tea which you have ordered online at your doorstep? Nowadays, a new concept has come into force which has broadened the concept of online services by providing the best cup of chai which is a special blend full of herbs.

WifiChai is one such amazing online tea store that strives to make it this concept a reality. Enjoy India’s finest tea selection from here. We provide 100% fresh, delicious organic teas direct from the source.

Advantages of ordering tea online:

When you order a product online, you are assured product quality and excellent service delivery. Ordering tea online by typing ‘tea store near me’will bring you high quality, freshly brewed and authentic taste from across Ahmedabad, India.

They provide tea with aromatic spices to flavour your cup. They see to it that their delivery service reaches your comfort zone.

A lot of stores have simple interfaced and easy to download apps compatible on Android platform. As mostly older people are too much in drinking tea, it would be easy for them to order chai online due to the simplicity of this site. Such online tea stores like WifiChai are based on the goodwill and supported by quality conscious.

What makes WifiChai the best place to order your tea from?

The key objective of WifiChai is to set exceptional tea experience throughout the country with the help of the latest and updated technologies. It is supported by highly qualified and richly experienced personnel of trade and local tea associates.

It focuses mostly on the beverage quality and service so that the customers do not have to wait for long to have their cup of tea.


The vision of WifiChai is to be India’s most sought-after mobile application based Tea Service Company. This store primarily focuses on modern virtual service mechanism, so that when you ask for ‘tea store near me,’ they can help you straight away. They avoid long waiting hours, undependable services and beverage quality.

Their goal is to prepare each of the local tea vendors for the challenge of timely service. Their resolutions are to bring an aromatic, heartfelt experience to attain consistent and predictable growth every year. The tea is delivered to the places within set schedules.

Love chai and not get addicted. Get tea delivery near you!

Having half knowledge is worse than having no knowledge because it creates myths and these myths would lead the to-be-made-decision in a wrong direction. For example, some people think that to develop a habit it takes constant 21 days to follow the routine but, a recent study found that it takes 66 days to make a habit although 21 days surely give you the momentum and make it easy for the next 45 days.

People think tea addiction is a real problem, but they forget to consider the quantity to be considered. If a person’s intake is more than 5 cups then it has become a bad addiction and it would affect the health too but if the person takes 2 or 3 cups daily, it would have great benefits as per lots of studies. Trend of tea is also increasing and has reached a level that you can order chai online or get tea delivery near me.

Talking about the benefits, there are lots of health benefits a person can get daily with two cups of tea. For example, it may bring improvement in liver diseases, help in curing cold and cough, and decrease the chances of having cancer, help in decreasing stress, decrease cholesterol, decrease skin diseases and much more. So, following wrong myths would lead to a loss of such benefits in the life.

There are lots of tea stalls which have income through tea much more than salaried people. We just judge that this tea maker would not earn more than an amount but there is a tea stall which makes INR 40k to 50k per month just because of the number of tea customers and tea deliver near the vender or the shop. They have assigned lots of venders and it also becomes “adda” for school/ college students and colleagues from nearby offices.

Having 2 or 3 cups of tea daily is an addiction but not a problem. Don’t blindly follow someone’s saying. Look it up on internet or confirm from an authentic source (doctors, etc.) and then make your wise choice. Just chill and take a tea break to enjoy every sip of this liquid which gives freshness and the level of satisfaction you require after a tiring day at office. Don’t worry about such myths and just order chai online or make it yourself

Don’t believe other saying listen them and do research then only believe that. Without worry take your tea break and enjoy your every sip which not only fresh you but also gives a level of satisfaction which makes your mood completely different. Don’t stop yourself with this wrong myth and get your order chai online or make it yourself.